These are the few, simple rules to be followed on StoryCraft. If you break them you run the risk of being banned from our server without an appeal. It’s your responsibility to know and keep them. Luckily though, for the most part they’re just common sense and obeying them is easy.

General Rules

1. No Griefing You are not allowed to break blocks that other people have placed, damage their property in any way, or  kill the animals in their pens. If it’s not yours, don’t touch it.

2. No Landscape Griefing You cannot make huge platforms, remove all the sand in a desert or the dirt of a plains biome, etc. You can take sand from a desert or trees from a forest, just remember to make the landscape look natural and replant the trees.

3. No Stealing. You are not allowed to take items from other players’ chests. Better still, don’t even look in them. This includes using farms without consent, even if you replant!

4. No pvp unless all parties involved agree to it.

5. No Foul or Obscene LanguageKeep the language clean and family-friendly.

6. Don’t ask for handouts from the staffThe staff is here to make sure that the rules are being enforced, to answer questions, and to enjoy the game like everyone else.

7. Respect EveryoneRespect when people say “no”, don’t spam them with requests or badmouth them.

Building Rules

8.Don’t build the followingbox houses or dirt houses (unless cool or artistic), platforms, flying platforms, nerd poles or 1×1 towers, pixel art, mob or skin statues, or anything obscene.

9. No Redstone ClocksDon’t build redstone contraptions that will lag the server. Any redstone device must be hidden and have the ability to be turned off.

10. Mob grinders must have the ability to be turned off so they don’t lag the server.